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  • Teachers who have been on the iTech training course must get priority for Vertable usage in school. We have identified a worrying trend where Vertables are being allocated to teachers who refused to go on the course, weren’t initially selected or attended only 1 session.
  • Schools have been given more autonomy, and the decision not to address security on school premises is down to school leaders. Vertables come supplied with a Kensington lock so the projectors cannot be removed from the table. It is not a good use of resources to have these fantastic devices locked up in a store cupboard not being used. While the MoE will do everything they can to help with infrastructure – ultimately it is teachers who can drive change from classroom level.
  • We have seen some excellent use of the technology in the classroom, and they only way to spread the positivity is for teachers and school leaders to be on board with what we are doing.
  • Trainers are doing site visits to promote usage and provide instant feedback to teachers. Please take this opportunity to meet them when they visit and get a feel for the 21st century learning techniques we are building toward.
  • Please encourage those who have been selected for the course to attend every session, and for them to share what they have learnt when they come back to school. The teachers have been given course materials which can be shared just as easily as the knowledge they have taken away from the course.

Phase 2 Starting

Now Phase 1 Has come to a close, we are launching Phase 2 on the 16th Feb 2015.

We have now expanded our training venues, and have selected SR Muhammad Alam as our training venue for KB teachers.

Training breakdown can be seen if you click on the training tab at the top of this page.

Laptops in Schools

We are working closely with a local vendor to get Easiteach and laptops for your Vertable installed this month. A memo from the MoE will be sent accordingly.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing what you can do with Easiteach.

Focus Group

We are holding a small invite only focus group next week to test run the venue and some of the materials. This will give us an opportunity to make sure that any issues with the venue have been ironed out, and allows us to improve the course materials further.

Delivery & Training Information

Vertables are quickly being installed into our Phase 1 schools, and we know there is a lot of excitement to start using them.

Those who are attending training have already submitted names, and we will be starting structured training courses come August.

Training dates and attendees will be released within the next week.

Vertable Deployment

We are very close to start deploying Vertable units to Phase 1 schools. We are working very hard to finalise delivery, however, we are aiming to start the week commencing 14th April 2014.

iTech Roadshow

Date: 17th – 19th February 2014
Venue: Sekolah Sukan

This will be an invite only event, to give the champions of technology from your school an opportunity to get hands-on with the RM Vertables. It will also give an opportunity to ask questions to representatives from Rm Education (UK).

Invitations have been delivered.