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Phase 1 Vertables completed

We are pleased to announce that all Phase 1 schools, except one, have successfully received their Vertables. We hope that you’re willing to give them a try on their own – but if not, don’t worry, training will be starting in August. Please click the training tab above for more information.

Delivery & Training Information

Vertables are quickly being installed into our Phase 1 schools, and we know there is a lot of excitement to start using them.

Those who are attending training have already submitted names, and we will be starting structured training courses come August.

Training dates and attendees will be released within the next week.

Pre-Deployment School Visits

We have sent a number of representatives to Phase 1 schools up and down the country to assess the sites that Vertables will be installed in. We thank all the teachers who assisted us on site, and we have gathered a lot of useful information that will help make deployment as smooth as possible.

iTech Roadshow

We had a successful roadshow at Sekolah Sukan, and thank you for all those that attended. It was an excellent opportunity for us to share the exiting developments of the project with those people that it really matters. We were extremely happy with how receptive everyone was and how exited teachers were to be receiving this technology.

Train the Trainer

We are now at the point in the project where a trainer from RM Education, UK has come to Brunei with a tailored training pan which they are delivering too several local trainers. It is these trainers who in turn will be training all the teachers within the scope of this project.

RM Education Visit Brunei

On the 25th – 30th November 2013, RM Representatives visited Brunei for the first time.

The aim of this visit was to begin the requirements analysis for schools in Brunei, so we can ensure that the teachers are ready for the change in the classroom environment. A number of schools were visited from up and down the country, and overall it was a very positive experience.

It gave the opportunity for local teachers to voice their opinion, especially when concerning technology in the classroom.