Project Overview

The aim of this project is to transform the teaching and learning classroom environment with interactive classroom technologies in government primary and secondary schools across the country.

This will be achieved through a well-designed Professional Learning Development (PLD) Programme focusing on the benefits of Sinteractive classroom technologies to create a positive student learning outcome.

The use of both IWB and Multimedia Projectors has managed to create a dynamic learning environment and enhances the teaching and learning process.

However, having one IWB and a few Multimedia Projectors in the school have been the limiting factor for the technologies to have a positive effect in the overall teaching and learning process. Numerous studies have suggested that for the technologies to have a sustainable positive effect on the students’ achievements, students need to be continuously exposed to the use of the technologies.

e-Hijrah is about enabling transformational change in a manner that integrates the ministry and all stakeholders under a unified and disciplined approach to ICT. This includes, not only looking ahead at least 6 years and focusing on ICT–enrich technology and learning, but putting in the practices and to enable the organization and stakeholders to be change ready and implement innovation continuously.

So what is it that is being delivered to you?

Interactive teaching hardware
Interactive software
Professional Learning Development Program

The main hardware that we will be introducing to the classroom is interactive table, interactive projector and interactive handheld devices to create a truly interactive environment.

RM Vertable with Interactive Projector
BenQ MP780ST

PLD makes up a large and important portion of this project.

PLD will come in the form of both training teachers how to use software and hardware components.

Equally important is the educating the teachers on how to tailor their curriculum to incorporate the new interactive technology in their classroom.

RM trainers from the UK will build the capacity development of staff from ITIS Wescot to provide a blend of expert foreign knowledge and local expertise and sustainable support for schools.

PLD will be conducted in phases, and each teacher will have to complete three modules of learning.

Introductory Module
Proficient Teacher Professional Learning Modules
Accomplished Teacher Professional Learning Modules




What kind of benefits will you see from this technology?

Encourages Collaboration – especially from those who might not usually participate
More engaging lessons
Shared curriculum resources – worldwide
Time Savings – particularly when it comes to lesson planning

Over the duration of the project we will be keeping disruption to a minimal, however:

Over the duration of the project we will be keeping disruption to a minimal, however:

Equipment installation will be done on-site, so there will need to be a member of the school staff with the power to sign off deliveries present
Training will be conducted during term time